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In oilgenix.net, you will receive profit after 1 day, including weekends. You will enjoy perpetual profits each day of the month by investing in any of our 3 plans. If you invest in our company you will receive 125% after 1 days i.e a total profit of 125% for first plan. Principal is included with profit. The minimum investment amount is $5 and maximum investment amount is $5000. You will receive 160% after 2 days i.e a total profit of 160% for second plan. The minimum investment amount is $25 and maximum investment amount is $10000. You will receive 200% after 3 days i.e a total profit of 200% for third plan. The minimum investment amount is $50 and maximum investment amount is $50000.

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Register Account

The first step towards a better future and cooperation with our company is registering a personal account. Click the REGISTER button after carefully filling in all the fields offered by the system in the registration form. You can create your own username and password, write them down, and store them in a secure place.

Enjoy your personal account

Once you register, you will receive a personal account on our website (a separate section of the website, protected against unauthorized access). You can use it to make investments, withdraw income, invite new members and control the statistics of the ones you have already invited, and perform other actions allowed in the personal account.

Invest through your personal account

Log into your personal account using your username and password that you created during registration. Then go to the 'New deposit' section, select the package you want to invest in and enter the sum you would like to invest. You may use the investment calculator to calculate your returns. Follow system guidelines to complete the process. Once your transaction is confirmed, your deposit will start working and earning profit for you.

Receive passive stable income

After you have created a personal account in our program, your referral status allows you to receive partner rewards. If your personally invited referral makes a deposit, then you will get 8% of the referral deposit amount to your account balance. And this money will be available for withdrawal in the same currency, using which your referral made a deposit. For second level & third level you will get 2% & 1% respectively. By becoming a representative of oilgenix.net, you will get 15%, 5% & 2% representative commission for first, second & third levels.